ITEX works as a trading company which takes the product and follows it in all its productive process till the final costumer.

Our aim is to reach the optimum in the final result. We could be the ideal partner in searching and developing new markets and new products. Our experience in the world of food, our knowledge of the local products and their productive processes, starting from the raw materials together with with our network in the world , allow us to give our costumers the best services and the best products.

The support of our team and co-workers ensure a partnership that will never feel you alone!

Our relationships and our skills are based on different and professional long term experiences and on cleariness and professional ethic . All that gives us mutal benefits.

We have a good knowledge about the italian productive system

Our team, with all the people, companies and infrastuctures with different experiences and skills about the world of food, is the ideal partner for the international trading, the food market, the distributors and stores interested in the italian food.



We are connected to different infrastructures and our staff has a considerable wealth of experience: we will give you what you are looking for.
As everybody knows the web system has increased the opportunity to be constantly in real-time connection, but we prefer true relationships: we keep looking into the producer’s eyes , test on the ground the whole production process and estabilish a clear relationship of mutual trust.

Our activities cover a large range of products and solutions, together with additional services to the food products.
Recently, and surely in the future, compostable food accessories will be really important. We are ready to provide our partners with all the biodegradable accessories ( for example crockery).

…of our products and services
Experience in our production processes and high quality techniques
Reliability and accuracy in the relationships with our partners; Support in all the technical aspects and the customer needs


Our company can represent and connect you to all the markets in the world, America, Est EU and EST .
We operate in market research , contacts, negotiations, import- export documents, transport and delivery, accounting and comunication.

PURCHASE: Our company can cooperate directly with the costumer as a central buying office.
We supplement all the activities that the costumer needs to buy the products in only one step and one accounting operation.

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00187 Roma (Italy)

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